Identity verification the privacy preserving way starts and stops here

The FortifID insights only platform, ION™, provides instant access to every element used for identity verification, ID-verification and risk assessment of an individual. All this insight delivered without the liability of storing, managing or analyzing raw data

Access insights to help you make faster and more informed decisions.

The convenience of 4 'One's

‘One’ contract provides ‘one’ stop shop access to ‘one’ platform through ‘one’ API.

Verify Identity

A CIP solution connected to every element of identity verification designed to increase your auto approval rate.


Accurately verify government issued ID’s, face match selfie to the ID and check for liveliness. All analysis done using machine learning algorithms.

Assess Risk

Instantly assess applicant for synthetic fraud, AML, behavioral/device risk and manage financial crime risk.

Why FortifID?

Fast Integration
Sign one contract with FortifID and get one stop shop access to FortifID trusted data network consortium. Stellar API’s and instant engineering support.
Unmatched Coverage
Access every element of identity verification (KYC, KYB), ID-verification (Document verification, Selfie, MFA), risk assessment (synthetic, AML, device, behavioral).
Regulation Friendly

The FortifID ION™ platform reduces data storage and management responsibilities for financial institutions. This inadvertently reduces punitive fines and reputation risk in the event of a data breach.

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FID Insights

Improve fraud rates and minimize data breach and penalties exposure


A single tunable API to validate and authenticate

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