FID Income Insights

Determining your customers' ability to pay is important in today's economy

Confidently verify applicant stated income with real data via employer payroll, real-time bank statement analysis and tax records.
Interested to know how FortifID can help you identify your customer better and faster?

FortifID delivers income-related insights about your customers in minutes by correlating permissioned real-time bank data with employment data.

Verify Income

Instantly verify if your applicant’s self reported income is true.

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Verify Employment

Instantly obtain an applicant’s employment records and check employment.

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Why FortifID's employment and income verification solutions?

Best in class data

Access the largest commercial repository of payroll information in the United States. Our income solution has 13000+ bank connections in 45+ countries.

Reduce application to loan time

The need to verify applicant’s income and employment is time sensitive as it affects time to fund. With FortifID access income and employment verification solutions whenever you need it.

Bank Account Verification

Verify that the bank account you are paying money to, or receiving monthly payments from, or using to calculate ability to pay belongs to the applicant.

Simplify your business and operating models to enhance customer service and structurally reduce cost

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Customer onboarding solutions

FID Insights

Improve fraud rates and minimize data breach and penalties exposure


A single tunable API to validate and authenticate

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A data solution that addresses the complexities of the digital world.