Employment Verification

Increase visibility and uncover customers you may not have seen before. With the right employment records lenders can increase approval rates and reduce cost to acquire.
Your partner for secure and rapid employment data

How does it work?

Choose the right product

Assess your risk and cost appetite and decide level of information you seek between basic employee information, status of employment, employer name and compensation details.

Call the FortifID API

Call FortifID API with just the SSN number of the individual whose employment needs assessment.

Review results

Instant results will return in accordance with the product you select in step 1. Review response and approve application and/or ask for stipulation verification.

Why FortifID?

Industry's largest database
FortifID’s employment verification solution checks The Work Number (TWN) database amongst others. TWN is the largest commercial source of consolidated employment information.
Data is current
TWN is connected to most of the major payroll providers. So data is refreshed every time an employer submits payroll files.
Increase prospect population
Thin file or no-file applicants unfortunately get rejected on many occasions owed to the situation of having limited stay. Avoid this situation and expand your prospect population.

Simplify your business and operating models to enhance customer service and structurally reduce cost

FID Apply

Customer onboarding solutions

FID Insights

Improve fraud rates and minimize data breach and penalties exposure


A single tunable API to validate and authenticate

Be a part of the transformation with FortifID

A data solution that addresses the complexities of the digital world.