Income Verification

Optimize customer friction, time to decision/fund and stipulation requirements by accessing income related insights instantly. FortifID income verification API can help.
Verify income with real time visibility.

How Does It Work?

Connect your bank account

With our widget your customers can seamlessly connect their bank accounts in a few seconds.

Verify account and transactions

Reviewing bank account details and by scraping transactions we are able to review identity and collect information for analysis.

Review Scores and Income

Our algorithms calculate income from the transactions and generate a confidence score suggesting accuracy on self reported income by applicant. Helps lenders drive stipulation requirement decisions.

Why FortifID?

Time and Resource Saving
Call our single API, connect to your bank account and in a few seconds get answers to your income assessment questions. No more time spent reviewing paper statements, W-2’s, 1099’s.
Increased confidence in decisioning
Our algorithm uses real bank data and six unique algorithms to help understand an individual’s income. The output is a confidence score.
Faster time to fund
Increases your customers’ satisfaction by freeing them from the time and effort of producing application documentation by rendering that requirement redundant. Make quick decisions and fund when appropriate.

Simplify your business and operating models to enhance customer service and structurally reduce cost

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FID Insights

Improve fraud rates and minimize data breach and penalties exposure


A single tunable API to validate and authenticate

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