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At FortifID, we believe that every individual owns their personal data and is entitled to permit use of it when they deem appropriate. However, the digital eco-system today functions with the data providers transferring raw data to the data consumers (first party, second party, third party, others) and that inadvertently has created an enormous personal data footprint all over.

Compounded with data breaches this has led to a catastrophic situation that we describe as “there is nothing personal about personal data anymore”. Data consuming businesses like financial service providers need to verify and authenticate customers during onboarding but that should not come at the cost of customers’ personal data being copied from place to place, making it more likely for data leaks or unauthorized use of data.

This is aggravating the already existing data footprint problem. “Financial services firms fall victim to cybersecurity attacks 300X more frequently than businesses in any other industry.” (Source: Deloitte Insights – “The source of cybersecurity at financial services”) Today regulations exist for privacy and security and they are steps in the right direction. For Privacy – GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, Data Care Act, New York Shield Act. For Security – PSD2, eIDAS, U.S. FTC’s Safeguards and Privacy Protocols. The regulations do not automatically solve the problems related to personal data being stored everywhere. FortifID believes in a world where personal data is stored in the least number of places, with strict controls on who can access it, for what purpose, and how consumers are kept in the loop about the use of their data. Does this sound like something you’d like to see happen? Then help us make it a reality!

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