Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Screening and Financial Crimes Risk Solutions

Streamline and scale Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and compliance checks on your customers. Instantly assess applicant for email, synthetic or identity fraud risk.
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Reduce financial risk, reputational risk, exposure and costs

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Timely comply with regulations including USA PATRIOT Act requirements and avoid suspicious activity related (SAR) related fines. Access real time application and transaction AML screening and monitoring insights supported by analyst review. Configurable to your risk and cost appetite. Access thousands of published data sources including:

  • Denied Parties, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP’s), High Risk Business Registrations, Global Sanctions, Adverse Media, Customer Hot Lists, Data Leaks, Fincen 314(A).

Synthetic Fraud

Detect synthetic identity fraud with FortifID’s new targeted capabilities. Our solution takes a combined approach between:

  • Identity discrepancy that analyzes PII mismatch between primary owners and authorized owners and authorized users to identify suspected behavior
  • Authorized user velocity identifies suspicious primary ‘owners’ by number of authorized users and anyone attempting to get credit that was associated with the user
  • Identity confirmation & Behavior Analytics that analyzes behaviors and confirms identity using a variety of proprietary data sources and industry specific inquiry patterns.

Identity Fraud Risk

Assess risk of your applicant on every element of identity verification and get pre-warned for your step-up strategy. FortifID algorithms evaluate email risk, device risk, phone risk, address risk for all applications and prepare you to optimize step up decisions based on your cost and risk appetite.

The risk scores are created using hundreds of data elements including amongst others:

  • For email risk age of email, domain, alternative emails
  • For device risk geolocation, device type and software, IP
  • For phone risk length of subscriber tenure, number of times ported, line type
  • For address risk property type, length of stay, alternative addresses
  • For overall fraud score correlation of the individual element risk scores

Why FortifID ID Verification?


Face recognition technology to match faces to ID’s which takes the ID verification process to the next level. This capability ensures that stolen ID’s cannot be used to pass the ID verification process.

360 degree review

70% of identity fraud happens outside the ID document. AI powered algorithm additionally checks for synthetic fraud, organized fraud (pattern recurrence, velocity and campaign abuse, behavioral analysis, device and network fingerprinting.

Coverage and experience

Coverage for 10,000+ID’s across 190+ countries in 40+ different languages. Application is interactive and prompts user along the journey. Result is a 30% increase in conversion rates and over 95% of users are verified in the first try.

Simplify your business and operating models to enhance customer service and structurally reduce cost

FID Apply

Customer onboarding solutions

FID Insights

Improve fraud rates and minimize data breach and penalties exposure


A single tunable API to validate and authenticate

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